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Statement on Ukraine

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC) supports unconditional nonviolence and diplomatic resolution of international conflict. The RMPJC opposes all forms of warfare. At this time, we are especially worried about the war in Ukraine which could involve the use of nuclear weapons.

Responsibility for the war in Ukraine is widely shared. Russia bears responsibility for the military assault, which is a criminal violation of international law and the United Nations Charter. The United States is guilty of severe provocations – e.g., extending NATO to the borders of Russia – and blatant hypocrisy – e.g., ignoring parallels between the Russian attack on Ukraine and the United States attack on Iraq. It is also extremely unfortunate that the 2015 Minsk II accords were not implemented. These accords were approved unanimously by the UN Security Council and might well have prevented this illegal Russian invasion.

We propose the following steps to end this perilous conflict.

First there should be an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire allowing food and medical supplies to reach all beleaguered human beings. The ceasefire should prohibit any further arming of the combatants.

Second there should be negotiations between Russians and Ukrainians aimed at reaching a permanent termination of the conflict.

Third Russia and Ukraine should reach a durable accord that guarantees the independence and security of both countries.

Fourth if this accord is adhered to faithfully, no economic sanctions should be imposed on either Russia or Ukraine.

The practice of war must be ended. War is a crime against both human beings and nature. Unfortunately, the combat in Ukraine is not the only ongoing war. Although largely ignored by the Western mass media, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen are all currently under assault.

The war in Ukraine constitutes red alert to every country about the urgent necessity of abolishing all nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons, as the war in Ukraine demonstrates once again, are a truly existential threat to humanity.


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