Fiscal Sponsor Groups

Bread and Roses

The Bread and Roses Workers’ Cultural Center in west Denver celebrates the working class culture. The Center: displays art; passes along labor history in stories, books, music, poetry; honors labor/working class heroes and heroines; and prepares for a future where work will be a matter of creativity and cooperation, not the drudgery and exploitation it is now. Bread and Roses’ aim is to develop harmony between life and work.

Restore Colorado

Provides education and resources to teach young and old alike the important role of seed saving in creating a sustainable future.

Sister Winds Festival

Sister Winds is a quaint, sweetly-sized family festival that is uplifting and allows for deep relaxation within community. The festival highlights and honors women performers and feminine energies through all gender and age participation. Our vision is to bridge communities by creating a friendly environment to create magic together and positive intentions for our future. Every Sister Winds Festival donates to a global cause ~ 2017 year our motto was Bee Happy! We donated $1,900 to help save and protect our pollinators to We are now working towards establishing ourselves as a non-profit to create some more solutions for global causes.  We love to support causes that ensure basic needs of humanity- water, seeds and bees.

Working with residents and organizations in Denver, Black Lives Matter 5280 assists in building more loving and united Black communities while eliminating anti-Black violence and racism. To expose, address and eradicate structures and systems of oppression in Denver, BLM5280 uses a holistic racial justice approach that includes strengthening individual and community health and wellness, relationship-building, educational programming, and direct actions. This chapter is part of a national movement, aligned in Black love, power, and liberation in order to embody the declaration that Black Lives Matter- regardless of gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, immigration location or status, gang affiliation, profession, ability, economic status, and religious beliefs or disbelief. Also in keeping with the national movement, BLM5280 centers around and celebrates the lives and leadership of Black women and girls, aligning all Black people in love, power, and liberation. Our work is to cultivate communities of abundant joy where all Black people are emboldened and empowered to lead, love, heal, and thrive.

Jeff Gipe

Jeff Gipe is a visual artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He grew up in Arvada, Colorado near the Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant where his father worked for twenty years. As an artist, Rocky Flats has been a motivating force for Gipe. In October 2015, he installed Cold War Horse, a DIY memorial to recognize the Rocky Flats site, it’s history, and it’s former workers. For the past two years, Gipe has been working on a portrait and biography project that concentrates on Rocky Flats activists as well as local residents, doctors and scientists.

Black Lives Matter 5280

Showing Up for Racial Justice Boulder (BSURJ)

Through community organizing, mobilizing and education, BSURJ moves white people to act for justice with passion and accountability.

BSURJ engages communities by fostering relationships and skills. We leverage cultural and political analysis in an effort to build an anti-racist movement.

We envision a society where we struggle together with love, for justice, human dignity and a sustainable world.

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