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Fiscal Sponsor Groups

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center's Fiscal Sponsorship program is currently on hiatus, as we take time to re-evaluate the program. We want to thank and congratulate all of our former fiscal sponsor groups, our most recent being: Black Lives Matter 5280Showing Up For Racial Justice Boulder (BSURJ)Jeff Gipe's 'The Half-Life of Memory', and Restore Colorado! We encourage you to continue to follow and support the work of these incredible organizations and projects, although we will no longer be receiving donations on their behalf. We look forward to ramping up the Fiscal Sponsorship program again in the future!

Previous Fiscal Sponsor Groups

  • Alternative Radio

  • An American Rainbow Foundation

  • Anti-Bias Hotline

  • Cesar Chavez

  • Clean Energy Actions

  • Earth First!

  • No Attack on Iran

  • Everybody Eats

  • A Life in Pencil

  • Activist Media Project

  • Adopt an Activist

  • ARD

  • Bee Safe Boulder

  • Black Lives Matter 5280

  • Bus Ad

  • CCJP


  • Colorado IndyMedia Center

  • Community Foundation

  • Daniel Elsberg

  • Don’t Do It

  • Everybody Eats

  • Food Not Bombs

  • Forthright Radio Income

  • GEAN

  • General Sponsor

  • Grandview Meditation Group

  • Guatemala

  • Hotline

  • Immigrant Legal Center

  • Nov 3

  • Peace Tree Concert

  • People Call 4 Change

  • Restore Colorado

  • Rocky Flats Truth Force

  • Sign Up For Peace

  • Showing Up For Racial Justice Boulder (BSURJ)

  • The Half Life of Memory- A Documentary 

  • Tom Morris

  • Troops Home Now

  • Troops Home Now Coalition

  • Voter Integrity

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