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Important Points for Research about Rocky Flats

Here are several important points for research: April 2020, a new analysis of soil from near the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant has documented widespread contamination by “hot particles” of plutonium. The research by Michael E. Ketterer and Scott C. Szechenyi from Northern Arizona University (NAU) concluded, “These particles are found to be pervasive in non-US Government land east of Rocky Flats, and it is reasonable to believe that ongoing wind transport is continuing to spread the contamination across open space used by the public, and toward residential areas.” April 2020 update about Dr. Ketterer's research September 2019 update about Dr. Ketterer's research August 2019, a soil

We Welcome Giselle Herzfeld to the RMPJC Staff!

As a teenager, when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, Giselle would jokingly answer "I want to tear down Wall Street, the Oil and Gas Industry, and the Military Industrial Complex." Eventually it stopped being a joke. For years, Giselle has worked as a youth advocate for progressive change in both political and nonprofit arenas. She graduated from Reed College with a degree in International and Comparative Policy Studies, with the hope that she could apply the lessons she learned to help carve a path forward and promote the collective good. Giselle has worked for progressive candidate campaigns from the local to the national level, and has also circulated initiatives and worked a

RMPJC 2020 Voter Guide

Statewide Ballot Amendment B - Repeal Gallagher Amendment We endorse a YES vote on this amendment Ballot Summary Text: “Repeal the Gallagher Amendment requiring residential and nonresidential property tax revenues to make up the same portion of total statewide property taxes as when the Gallagher Amendment was adopted in 1982, including the requirement that sets the nonresidential assessment rate at 29 percent.” We endorse a YES vote on this amendment, because the Gallagher Amendment has made it more difficult for local governments to provide basic services including schools, hospitals, and fire protection, all while providing an unnecessary tax cut for homeowners in Colorado’s wealthiest