Who We Are

Rooted in the spirit of unconditional nonviolence, the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center is dedicated to radically progressive personal and social change. We are a multi-issue organization that works to restore and protect Earth and human rights. We educate, organize, act and build community in order to create a culture of justice and peace.

Our Story

In 1983 six individuals who had for some years been involved in nonviolent resistance to the nearby Rocky Flats nuclear bomb plant founded the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.


They felt the need in the Boulder community for a permanent base for addressing peace and justice issues.


The distinctive features of the new organization were its multi-issue nature and its commitment to nonviolence, including its provision of training in nonviolent action (something then done by no other organization in the Denver area).

Our Team


How We Make Decisions:

The Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center utilizes consensus process in making decisions.


This process for deliberating and making decisions honors the dignity and integrity of every individual by carefully considering all points of view in order to reach decisions based on mutual understanding and agreement.


Consensus process requires the empowerment of individuals; hence, it is crucial for peacemaking.


Our Structure:

The structure of RMPJC consists of the spokescouncil (roughly the equivalent of a board of directors), the staff, collectives (described below), regular volunteers and members at large.


The Spokescouncil is responsible for overall oversight, policy-making and fundraising. The staff manages the office, administers day-to-day activities and coordinates the work of the collectives. The center as a whole has about 200 active volunteers who are generally local residents and students.


Photos from the 2019 MLK Day March

Progress We've Made:

  • Enable people to participate actively in democratic processes

  • Foster a vision for a just and sustainable society

  • Provide alternative voices to the cacophony and deception in the mainstream media

  • Help build a global movement for peace, justice, and ecological responsibility

  • Train new and young activists

  • Raises awareness and educates people on global and local issues