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Over 100 Palestinians Murdered by Israel While Recieving Aid

147 days into the relentless genocide in Gaza, heartbreaking news emerged of a devastating attack southwest of Gaza City. As starving Palestinians approached a delivery of food aid, primarily flour, the Israeli army opened fire on the crowd of hundreds, killing over 100 Palestinians and injuring roughly 750 others. These individuals were simply seeking food aid to sustain their families amidst the Israeli-made famine gripping the besieged Gaza Strip. The sheer magnitude of this tragedy serves as a chilling reminder of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which demands our unwavering attention and action. It is imperative that we maintain our political pressure on elected leaders, particularly in light of the active complicity of the U.S. in the atrocities unfolding in Gaza. We bear a moral obligation to persist in holding our government accountable for its role in these grave injustices.

Click the link below to send an email to your Congressmembers and President Biden!


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