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Non-Violent Direct Action Training 1/17!

Dr. King is renowned for his passion, wisdom, strategic brilliance and commitment to Non-Violence. He taught that Non-Violent resistance is effective, but not easy. It requires us to exercise our inner-strength and resolve, but can potentially be the most powerful way to grow movements, win hearts and minds to our causes and create the changes that we want to see in the world. Non-Violent resistance also poses unique challenges and risks that require our understanding, as well as practical skills and strategies for addressing them. Experienced Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) trainers Razz Gormley & Devon Reynolds will explore why NVDA is effective and share the foundational skills of de-escalation, riot response preparedness, forming affinity groups, informed consent culture, and more, that are critical for mitigating risk and remaining non-violent in today’s world.

When: MLK Jr. Day, Monday, January 17th, 12:30-2:30pm


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