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Action in the Grand Tetons! 8/25-8/28

Save the Date! August 25th - 28th you are invited to join a group trip to the beautiful Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming, where the Federal Reserve is having its national annual meeting, to participate in an in-person action to demand a Fossil-Free Federal Reserve! It’s time for the Federal Reserve, the US central bank, to set policies to dissuade the big banks from investing in fossil fuel companies and projects!

We will have a peaceful demonstration outside the event and create a presence that can’t be ignored. We will have A LOT OF FUN! We will be staying at a group camping site at Colter Bay Village on beautiful Jackson Lake, located in the national park. will cover transportation costs, food costs (up to $15/meal), and the group camping site costs. All you need to do is bring your personal items, a tent and bedding for camping.

Carpools will be leaving from Colorado for Wyoming on Wednesday, August 24th, and Thursday, August 25th, and you are welcome to join the campsite on whichever day you prefer!

You can contact if you have any questions.


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