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3/8 The Math of Murder

Come together this International Women's Day with CODEPINK Denver/Boulder, Denver Justice and Peace Committee, Jewish Voices for Peace, Colorado for Palestine Club, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, and Denver Peace Council for an empowering teach-in: "The Math of Murder: Examining the Impact on Palestinian Women and Children." Let's delve into how our tax dollars are entangled in perpetuating genocide in Gaza, examining the profound impact on Palestinian women and children. Together, we'll explore how redirecting these funds towards our local communities can spark positive change and support the people's needs!

WHEN: March 8, 2024 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm (MST)

WHERE: The Garage at the Highlands United Methodist Church, 3830 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80212


Dr. Deborah Young is a professor, Fulbright scholar and founder of Empowering Communities Globally, a local NGO focusing on refugees and immigrants in Colorado and underserved populations in conflict settings, including Palestine.

Irina Karic is a Bosnian-American humanitarian aid worker who spent years working in Palestine and Jordan.

Christi Yoder is a passionate defender of human rights, founder and executive director of the Center for Genocide Research and Education, and currently finishing a doctorate in Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Christine Sargent is a medical anthropologist whose work focuses on family, gender, and disability in the Arabic-speaking Middle East.


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