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Intern Spotlight: Rafi Katz, Grant Writing & Administration Intern

At RMPJC we are so grateful for our interns! Our internship programs are mutually beneficial - the intern gets an opportunity to practice and expand their skills while RMPJC gets a fresh perspective on our work and help on relevant projects.

Rafi Katz is a 27-year-old graduate student in the Resilient Leadership program at Naropa University. Rafi received his bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Florida International University in Miami. An avid outdoorsman, Rafi has experience in the wildlife rehabilitation fields as well as working as a (scuba) dive technician.

"I am interning at the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center because I believe in its mission rooted in non-violence, social change, environmental stewardship and community-building. My primary focus at RMPJC is working on grants and other administrative operations, as well as with the Center’s Nuclear Guardianship collective, an initiative I feel passionate about."

Rafi has showed great initiative throughout the internship and deep interest in RMPJC's program work, including the Nuclear Guardianship collective. He brings his field knowledge, motivation, and insights from family and friend connections to his work. We are so grateful to have Rafi on our team for the summer!

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