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A  Legendary Peace Activist has Passed.

Memorial Gathering for Paul Wehr

When: Saturday, December 16th, 2pm

Where: Friend's Meeting House, 1825 Upland Ave, Boulder

A legendary Peace Activist has passed. Paul Wehr passed away on November 17th as a result of a condition that prevented his body from producing blood cells. Paul made many important contributions to the study and practice of nonviolence, and was a gentle, loving practitioner of nonviolent activism. In 2015, RMPJC honored Paul and Rich Andrews, with Lifetime Achievement Awards for being lifelong exemplary Peacemakers.

A Tribute to Paul Wehr by LeRoy Moore

Paul Wehr came to my attention in 1979 through his essay about nonviolent activists at Rocky Flats. He was a key figure in founding the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in 1983. He soon invited me to teach on nonviolent social change at the University of Colorado, Boulder, then later asked me to be part of a group of professors that met monthly to consider practical steps to strengthen the teaching of peace and nonviolence on the campus. In 1997 he published The Persistent Activist, an insightful book of interviews showing how not dropping out but persisting as an activist was crucial in the quest for genuine peace.

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