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RMPJC is interested in sharing different perspectives about the issues that matter most to us. Each week, we'll be sharing a variety of resources with a note referencing which RMPJC staff / Spokescouncil member contributed the article or video.

Resources Marissa Tafura

Resources Carolyn Bninski

Much of Official Washington wants to escalate the confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia, ignoring the terrifying reality that this game of chicken could end life on the planet, as Norman Solomon observes.

50 Years Later, Rekindle the Spirit of Glassboro 50 years after the Glassboro Summit, we should question the wisdom of leaders who seem averse to any kind of détente between the United States and Russia

Overcome the propaganda of the mainstream media by visiting these sites regularly for news: (especilly Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill)

Anything by Paul Street (often on

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