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Social Justice Collective Meeting, February 16th 3:00-4:30pm at InnisFree

The first ever Social Justice Collective (SJC) meeting will take place Thursday, February 16th, 3:00-4:30pm at InnisFree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe (1301 Pennsylvania Ave, Boulder, CO 80302).

The meeting will be a space for deep discussion, getting to know one another, and exploring the potential of SJC.

The newly emerging Social Justice Collective (SJC) is grounded in the Theoru U model of letting go and letting come. The sole purpose of SJC is to attend to community needs in efforts to promote justice and equality. Of the three P's in the triple bottom line, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center has a strong emphasis on people and planet. SJC provides the space for community members and organizations to collaborate and fill voids in the community around justice work. Recognizing that we are all microcosms of the world, SJC maintains a focus on the whole picture, looking at the entire system and it's roots.

Social justice is inextricably linked to all else. Distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privilege can no longer be seen as separate from social inequality. As communities are increasingly feeling the unjust consequences of a warming climate and capitalistic driven society, social justice work is important now more than ever. People from all realms of life are being called to wake up, recognize the implications of simple actions, and make changes. The time of ignorance, of looking away is behind us. The time for action is now!

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