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Spring Fundraising and Updates

Dear Community,

It’s been a dark whirlwind this Spring as the world has experienced the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to bring some light with updates and positive news. In February, before the pandemic hit Colorado, we had a major victory in the campaign to prevent the Jefferson Parkway. We continue to work and we send our best wishes to the community, friends, and family. We hope everyone is meeting the challenges of this time with solidarity and resilience.

We’re grateful for your support to continue the work for peace and justice. As a thank you gift, we’re sending an original bookmark to all of our Sustainers, featuring watercolor artwork by Nancy Sullo! This gift is especially for all of our members who are art lovers and lively readers!

We’re sending a humble request to help us recruit Monthly Sustainers.

A commitment of $5 or $10 per month can do wonders for the stability of RMPJC. Through the winter, we nearly doubled our Monthly Sustainers from 30 to 60! Will you please help us continue to increase our Monthly Sustainers? This is a crucial step to strengthen our foundation of support and financial sustainability.

Fundraising Goal = 90 Sustainers

Program Work Updates

“So now we have a Council that is health and safety first, and we’re going to use the Precautionary Principle moving forward on everything.”

- Broomfield Mayor Pro Tem Guyleen Castriotta

Nuclear Nexus celebrated the momentous occasion on 2/25/2020 when Broomfield City Council voted unanimously to withdraw from the Jefferson Parkway! This is a major victory for the citizens and grassroots activists who have consistently warned against the dangers of construction near the contaminated former nuclear weapons plant Rocky Flats. The leadership in Broomfield has set a new precedent regarding the Precautionary Principle and protecting public health.

The Media Literacy Collective held several events to educate members of the public on the hidden agendas of corporate media, with the goal of helping people assess the trustworthiness of the news sources. The events also discussed how to evaluate alternative sources of information. The Collective took several actions in defense of Julian Assange and freedom of the press. These included an educational event, six sign-holding events, and an opinion piece in the Daily Camera and Longmont-Times Call.

The Economic Justice Collective worked with groups around the country to try to improve the USMCA, the NAFTA update by the Trump Administration. The final agreement which was passed was a marginal improvement of NAFTA.

The Global Peace Collective held educational events focused on U.S. foreign policy, including U.S. relations with Iran, Russia, Venezuela and more. We held numerous meetings with Congressional staff, wrote over a dozen letters to the editor and opinion pieces, and held weekly anti-war demonstrations in Boulder.

The RMPJC Staff honors Betty Ball for her 22+ years of service to RMPJC and the community. Betty continues on the RMPJC Spokescouncil and has trained Chris Allred for the RMPJC administrative responsibilities. Also, we honor Ken Bonetti for his steadfast work for justice in U.S. international trade policy. We welcomed back Chris Ludwig, former Spokescouncil member, for the bookkeeping responsibilities. Carolyn Bninski and Judith Mohling continue as program coordinators.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of the Peace Center and of course thanks to any new members. Thank you everyone! In Peace, stay safe, and healthy.

The RMPJC Staff and Spokescouncil,

Betty Ball, Carolyn Bninski, Judith Mohling, Chris Allred, Chris Ludwig, Michelle Cregut, Jim Nelson

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