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(Update) Calling All Nuclear Guardians and Boulder County Residents! Speak Up To Halt the Rocky Mountain Greenway at Boulder County May 23rd

On Thursday May 23rd, the Boulder County Commissioners will have an administrative meeting to review their participation in the Rocky Mountain Greenway project. The Rocky Mountain Greenway is a proposed mountain biking trail, intended to encircle Rocky Flats, one of the most contaminated former nuclear weapons sites in the nation. 

There has been a major new development in Boulder County's position: on January 30th 2024 Boulder County voted to officially adopt a position that opposes recreation at Rocky Flats! Now we need to hold the County Commissioners true to this commitment.

Despite significant public health concerns, some local governments surrounding the former nuclear weapon site are continuing to move forward with this proposal. However, the Town of Superior and Broomfield have already withdrawn from the project, and Westminster has recently agreed to hold a balanced study session to consider their continued participation. Now we are asking Boulder County to join in solidarity, to halt construction and withdraw from the Rocky Mountain Greenway.

We are calling on members of the public to send a 1-click letter to Boulder County Commissioners.

Information to join the meeting:

When: Thursday, May 23rd at 2:30pm

Where:  County Commissioners’ meetings are offered in a hybrid format where attendees can join virtually through Zoom or in-person at the Boulder County Courthouse, 3rd Floor, 1325 Pearl Street, Boulder.

How to testify:  There will be no opportunity for public comment at this meeting. Please be sure to send an email in advance. Click Here for more info about meeting participation


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