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September and October Updates!

Thank You to All who Painted Rocks for our Peace Rock Garden at the Cold War Horse!

For the Longmont Art Walk 2023, we painted rocks to place at Jeff Gipe's Cold War Horse to honor the lives lost at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Rocky Flats. It was a powerful way to connect to the community, and many people shared their stories about how Rocky Flats affected them, their family, and their friends. We placed the stones at the Cold War Horse to serve as a continual reminder of how nuclear weapons production in Colorado affects the people who live here.

Thank You to All Who Came to Brian Becker's Talks!

Brian Becker gave two incredible talks at the PSL in Denver on Thursday, September 14th and

at KGNU on Friday, September 15th. He spoke about the Dangers of the New Era of McCarthyism, the Ukraine War, and about the silencing of voices that happen on mainstream media. Shout out to PSL Denver for helping organize this event!

Thank you to the Frederick Douglass Project and SAUI Boulder!

RMPJC coordinated with Students Against Unjust Imprisonment to visit The Bent County Correctional Facility with the Frederick Douglass Project. The visit was a powerful experience for everyone, giving us a reminder that we're all human and we all deserve love and respect. The 4 hour drive was a stark reminder of how society purposely isolates humans who are put in prison. The Frederick Douglass Project hosts virtual visits and will be coordinating more visits in the future!

Thank you to Those who Came to the 40th Anniversary Event!


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