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Panel on the Iranian Women's Revolution! 11/30

Please save Wednesday, November 30, from 6 to 8pm for a panel discussion on Iran’s Women’s Revolution. The event will take place at CU Boulder’s Old Main Chapel.

This event seeks to inspire our elected officials and campus administrators to take action in response to the historic women’s movement unfolding in Iran. In doing so, we hope to continue to build important lines of solidarity for the Iranian and Iranian-American community.

We position this event in service of the movement’s goal of regime change to a secular democracy in Iran. We intend to engage our panelists in Q&A to brainstorm and explore strategic actions we can take to support the movement. We hope to pair this conversation with spoken word and arts in order to make visible the power of this movement and to acknowledge the brutality with which it is being met by the Islamic Republic.

This event is planned for students, faculty, staff, and administrators from CU Boulder; the general public; elected officials; and activists advocating for transnational solidarity.

This event will be broadcast for anyone who cannot attend in person. Registration is free and open to the public, and will be required for admission. Click the link below to register. (Following the overwhelming response to our first event on October 20, we have reserved an auditorium with a larger capacity. Please only register if you are certain to attend!)


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