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Indigenous Peoples Day 10/9-10/11!

Indigenous Peoples Day weekend, October 9th-11th is coming up, with a variety of virtual events being offered from the Arapaho people through our friends at Right Relationship Boulder and other organizations! We acknowledge that we are living on and benefiting from our lives on Land which was taken from them 157 years ago, despite honorable treaties made with the US government.

  • Arapaho Storytelling, Saturday, October 9th from 11am-Noon

  • Arapaho History, Saturday, October 9th from 1-2pm

  • Indigenous Foods Cooking Class, Saturday, October 9th from 3-4pm

  • Hand Games, Sunday, October 10th, from 11am-Noon

  • Arapaho Language, Sunday, October 10th from 1-2pm

  • Boulder's Fort Chambers Story, Monday, October 11th from 7-8pm


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