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Global Peace Collective Update 3/26/2021

Global Peace Collective

The Global Peace Collective meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month to hold in-depth discussions of current events in international relations, and to think critically about the role of the United States within this global narrative. The Collective has recently updated our mission statement, with seven basic guiding principles:

  1. Human Rights: Human rights are the foundation of sustainable global peace. All human beings are entitled to life, liberty, personal security, and all the freedoms detailed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All forms of racism and misogyny must be abolished.

  2. National Self-Determination: The people of every nation are entitled to establish and maintain their own form of government and their own economic and social systems. Every nation must protect human rights and honor international law

  3. Anti-Imperialism: Efforts by one nation (or one group of nations) to dominate, control, or sabotage another nation (or group of nations) are impermissible and must stop.

  4. War Resistance: Warfare must end. Standing armies and preparations for military action must be eliminated. Military industries must be abolished or transformed to other uses

  5. Environmental Sanity: Nations must work rapidly, energetically, and in concert to sustain the environmental health of Planet Earth, which is now severely threatened.

  6. International Organization: Global peace requires strong, rational, and democratic international organization. The UN should be strengthened and made more democratic. As the acknowledged international organization for mitigating conflict, the UN must give effective worldwide support to human rights and international law. In the conduct of its peace keeping operations, the UN will use force only as a last resort.

  7. International Law: International law consists of the general rules endorsed by a democratized UN. A coherent and respected body of international law is essential for enduring global peace.

The Global Peace Collective uses these seven principles to evaluate world affairs. We think that United States foreign policy should be guided by these same principles. Unfortunately, this is not happening now. United States must join the community of nations by complying with international law instead of running roughshod over it. Click here for examples of what the Collective believes needs to be done in accordance with the seven principles stated above, in order to promote global peace.


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