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Birthday Party Celebrating Betty and LeRoy!

This Saturday, we will be celebrating the birthdays of two incredible members of the Peace Center, by holding our annual birthday party for LeRoy (he'll be 89), and Betty (she'll be 79). Join us this Saturday, December 5th at 3:00pm as we celebrate with them both via a virtual Zoom party!

We will have fun, music, friendship, and suggest that you bring a cake or cupcake and candle on the call to celebrate together. Contact for the Zoom info.

RMPJC Fundraiser Honoring Betty and LeRoy

In honor of LeRoy and Betty's incredible contributions to the Peace Center over the years, we ask that you consider giving the Peace Center a gift that honors LeRoy and Betty. It could be a donation that is a combination of their ages. It could be a check made out to RMPJC, for $8.90 + $7.90=$16.80, OR, $89.00 + $79.00=$168.00 OR $890.00 + $790.00=$1,680 OR . . . If you are so moved, you can send the checks to RMPJC, P.O. Box 1156, Boulder, CO, 80304.


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