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October 2nd Book Launch

A Wild Love for the World

Book Launch and Panel Discussion

With co-authors from the book

“Being fully present to fear, to gratitude, to all that is—this is the practice of mutual belonging. As living members of the living body of Earth, we are grounded in that kind of belonging. Even when faced with cataclysmic changes, nothing can ever separate us from Earth. We are already home.”— Joanna Macy

Panelists and co-authors of the book:

  • Moderated by Stephanie Kaza, editor

  • David Abram – Joanna’s impact and central teaching of “inter-breathing”

  • Kathleen Sullivan – nuclear guardianship project and the guarding of nuclear memory and culture, link to Rocky Flats work and deep time perspective

  • Jeanine Canty – links between multicultural self and ecological self, the relevance of Joanna’s work for climate and racial justice today

  • Paula Green – global perspective, peace and conflict applications, Joanna’s work as skillful means for working across racial, cultural, and political divides

Sponsored by the Joanna Macy Center at Naropa University

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