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Solidarity with the Western Shoshone

Newe Sogobia

Most Bombed Nation on Earth

From 1951 to 1992, more than 900 full-scale nuclear weapon detonations were conducted on Western Shoshone territory, at the Nevada Test Site. Downwinders still live with the health and environmental consequences from the radioactive fallout. A videotaped interview with, and column written by, Ian Zabarte, Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians, has been published by Al Jazeera. Learn more, including about the scheme (as under the Holtec CISF proposal; see related entry) to dump high-level radioactive waste on Newe Sogobia, at Yucca Mountain, at the Native Community Action Council website, where Zabarte serves as secretary. Zabarte is pictured speaking at a press conference during a Native Nuclear Issues Forum he organized at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas in 2016.

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