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Public Health Advisory

The following events in March have been postponed. Considering the state of emergency regarding coronavirus (COVID-19), we've been advised by medical professionals to postpone public events. Please take good care and we'll be sure to send more info as we are made aware.

Is there a health risk from Rocky Flats? Listen to experts speak.

Sponsored by Rocky Flats Right To Know

When: (Postponed)

Where: Arvada Public Library, 7525 W. 57th Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment) uses the RESRAD (RESidual RADiation) model to determine the risk from Rocky Flats. Hear from Diane D'Arrigo of Nuclear Information and Resource Service, who is a national expert regarding RESRAD. Sasha Stiles, Michael Ketterer, and Randy Stafford will also update us with the latest information.

Anti-War Demonstration

Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

When: (Postponed)

Where: Broadway and Canyon, Boulder, CO

Let's be visible in our opposition to war and support of diplomacy and social programs! More info or 720-509-3378. Watch our emails for the announcements. The demo will be cancelled in the event of the following weather: snow, rain, high winds or a temperature below 30 degrees by 10 am.

Panel Discussion on "Stopping a War on Iran and Ending Deadly Sanctions"

When: (Postponed)

Where: Humanities 135, CU Boulder

Panelists to date include David Barsamian of Alternative Radio and Ron Forthofer, Professor Emeritus, Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Texas at Houston.

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