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March 7th, “A Yes for Humanity: One Step Closer to Nuclear Disarmament” (and the connection to Clima

Presentation by Dominican Sisters, Ardeth Platte, OP and Carol Gilbert, OP

When: Saturday, March 7th, 6:00PM

Where: Boulder Mennonite Church, 3910 Table Mesa Dr.

Many of you will remember Sister Ardeth Platte OP and Sister Carol Gilbert OP from the direct action they did at Nuclear Missile Silo N8 several years ago. They are returning to Colorado to talk about the connection of nuclear weapons to climate change and the absolute necessity to abolish nuclear weapons totally. Is it possible? Come hear about recent developments and continuing movement toward making a nuclear free world a reality!

There will be refreshments following the talk and an opportunity for conversation with these amazing dedicated women.

Hosted by Pastor Randy Spaulding, and co-sponsored by Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

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