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Aid for No Mas Muertes

When: Items needed before January 25th

Where: Contact Betty at for more info

California Friends of Betty at RMPJC are making a humanitarian run for the border, coming through Boulder, Colorado January 24-26. We are asking people to help gather supplies in a donation / collection drive for 'No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes'. is a humanitarian aid organization in Tucson, Arizona. They provide many services and necessary basic aid to people experiencing extraordinary threats to life and safety.

Items needed:

Warm and COLD weather clothing,

Blankets, Backpacks,

Tennis shoes (mens 6-11),

Pants, men's jeans,

Sweats, shirts and shorts,

Travel sized toiletries, Toothbrushes, Razors,

Canned goods, energy bars, gatorade,

Ace bandages, blister, foot care and medical supplies.

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