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Action Alert: 3/5/19 Tell Boulder City Council to support online petitions, don't bypass with a

When: Tuesday March 5th (pubic hearing at approximately 8:30pm)

Where: Boulder Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

Email Boulder City Council at:

Boulder City Council staff's proposed ordinance 8318 does not preclude future online petitions for initiative and referendum. But it does put City time and money towards the proprietary eSign or similar system where circulators use tablets to collect electronic signatures. Please ask the council to support online petitions, as this option is more democratic and supported by the voters with a 71.17% majority from the 2018 election - question 2G.

  • We have a credible offer of a FREE turnkey online petition system that is far superior to eSign, from, whose software is already part of the California Secretary of State's website.

  • Unlike eSign, this would be open source software and thus available free to every other municipality and State. Because it's open source the city can ask the whole community of security experts to vet it, unlike eSign.

  • The Boulder County Democratic platform includes true online petitions. eSign is not a bridge to the future. Like natural gas, it is a detour.

  • Link to City Council Agenda - item 5C and 5D

  • Link to Boulder City Council Memo

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