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Intern Spotlight: Anissa Corser, Nonviolence Education Intern

At RMPJC we are so grateful for our interns! Our internship programs are mutually beneficial - the intern gets an opportunity to practice and expand their skills while RMPJC gets a fresh perspective on our work and help on relevant projects.

Anissa Corser is currently a Nonviolence Education Intern with the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. She attends the Smith College's School for Social Work pursuing a Masters in Social Work (MSW). Her background is in music, arts advocacy, and education. Anissa is pursuing her MSW with the goal of becoming an expressive arts therapist and clinical social worker. As part of her MSW program, Anissa is here in Boulder working at Windhorse Community Services, a contemplative home-based recovery program, as well as with RMPJC's nonviolence education collective. For her internship, she works with Betty Ball, and CJ Clayton. They are designing a conflict resolution workshop that will begin in January. "In my perspective, understanding the processes of conflict and the strategies for mediation bridges the gap between micro, mezzo, and macro work. In our current political moment, this type of work feels more needed than ever. I also find it exciting to see all the connections between my micro level clinical work and the processes and theories of conflict resolution."

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