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Intern Spotlight: Victoria Hooper Fundraising Intern

At RMPJC we are so grateful for our interns! Our internship programs are mutually beneficial - the intern gets an opportunity to practice and expand their skills while RMPJC gets a fresh perspective on our work and help on relevant projects.

Vickie Hooper, fundraising intern for the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in psychology with a minor in political science. Vickie is team captain of the university's rowing team. In her spare time, Vickie enjoys hiking and being in nature, as well as binge watching Hawaii Five-0.

"Working for RMPJC this fall has definitely been one of the highlights of my college experiences. I have met some incredible people and it is so wonderful being a part of something so much bigger than your self. I have learned so many beneficial skills and lessons that I will take onto future internships and jobs. It has been a pleasure working at the RMPJC."

Vickie fearlessly took on the project of setting up RMPJC's very first donor database. When the database is up and running we will have a much more organized and effective way of keeping trackof and connecting with our donors. She is motivated and has shown incredible initiative

throughout her internship with RMPJC. It is clear that Vickie has a passion for her helping others and is committed to doing work that will make a difference in the world. She is competent in her work and confronts challenges with optimism and determination. We feel confident that Vickie will accomplish great things and look forward to see where life takes her after graduation.

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