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Notes from Post-Election Event 2018

Ideas that were brought up at post-election event on 11/13/18:

Anti-war needs to be central

Issues weren’t brought up in elections. No attn. was paid to money in politics, climate change, nuclear war, Democratic party hierarchy

A lot of disenfranchisement throughout the country

Disillusion with politics. There was a variety of opinions on the issue of whether to work within the Democratic Party. Some people felt we had to because of structural issues that marginalize Third parties. Others felt disappointment in Democratic leadership and ambivalence about Democratic Party. However, some people felt Dems taking House at national level was hopeful. Gridlock at national level because of split Congress is positive for some. Dems don’t take positions on issues that are important to people (i.e. single payer, $15 an hour wage, etc.), which is a problem. Both houses of State legislature and governorship are now controlled by Dems.

Social change is more important than elections. Corporate state has the power and power must be returned to the people.

We need to build movements, networks and coalitions. We need to build broad coalitions of community, labor, enviro, consumer groups. This is difficult because people have turfs and limited time

We need to talk with people and build relationships and trust.

We need to be better at what we do, get training, share skills, become coalition builders, and learn from successful movements.

We need to educate people on issues.

We talk too much with people who have our same viewpoints; we need to talk with people with different viewpoints. We need to find common ground.

Age segregation is a problem.

There was a lot of disappointment regarding Prop. 112. We need to spread out to areas that voted against 112 and talk with these folks. Bring in outdoor groups.

Unreliability of results of elections remains because results of electronic voting can be manipulated and easily changed

DSA planning a ballot initiative for housing justice.

Issues: electoral reform (rank order voting), climate change, housing, jobs and economy, health care, war, nuclear war, censorship, military budget, corporate power and culture, loss of liberty and rights, destruction of nature, economic justice, jobs

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