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Propaganda as Reality: How "we" are Manufactured in News Text! May 21st

NOTE: This is a free-of-charge public mini-workshop offered by the Media Literacy Collective of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center:

By: Moji Agha

WHEN: Monday, May 21, 2018 -- 6:30 to 8:30 PM

WHERE: CU Hellems 241: University of Colorado in Boulder, Hellems (Arts and Sciences) Building, Room 241--Near University Memorial Center and Euclid Ave. Parking Garage

SUMMARY: Building on David Barsamian's insights in his "Why You Can't Trust Corporate Media" presentation on May 9th, in this general-audience "next-step" two-hour mini-workshop, Moji Agha will introduce the topics of Culture-analysis and Hermeneutics, for a relatively easy to digest un-packing of the often hidden methods by which our mass media manufacture (usually for private corporate profit) the "unconscious" reality that "we" often take for granted. A seemingly "highly objective" root-source news item (perhaps from the NY Times--most likely related to Trump's decision regarding the fate of the Iran nuclear deal) will be analyzed in this open to the public free-of-charge interactive educational gathering. A mini bio for Moji can be found here: -- and his e-mail, for more info, questions, etc. is:

Contact: * 720-509-3378 /// * Phone/Text: (520) 325-3545

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