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Martin Luther King Day Rally and March: January 15th

When: Monday, January 15th, 11am - 12:30pm

Where: The Courthouse on Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, CO

As part of the activities for MLK Day, the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center will be sponsoring a Rally and March on the front lawn of the Courthouse on the Pearl Street Mall. The Rally will begin at 11am, and will go until about 12:30pm, followed by a March on the Pearl Street Mall, over to Canyon Boulevard and East to 15th, and then back to the starting point at the Court House.

With Speakers...

Peers Building Justice City Council Members Carolyn Bninski and Ron Forthofer - Global Peace Collective Nikhil Mankekar - Human Relations Commission and more!

And Special Musical Guests...

Colorado Jazz Conservatory ReSisters Choral Group Louise Knapp and Kenneth Nova

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