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Vote NO on the Trump Tax and Budget Plan

Tell your Senators: "Vote NO on the Trump tax and budget plan that gives massive tax cuts to the top 1% and big corporations while raising taxes on many middle-class families."

Tell Congress: Save the Iran Deal

This week, Donald Trump is expected to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, and we need you to take action now. The deal is a historic victory of international cooperation that was crafted after years of negotiations, and has completely blocked Iran from building a nuclear weapon. The agreement is also a victory for diplomacy, proving that we could resolve differences without resorting to war.

There is no question that the Iran deal is working. Nuclear experts, our allies, even members of Trump's own cabinet agree that Iran has been in compliance.

Please tell Congress to resist action that will destroy the Iran nuclear deal.

Sen. Bennet - (202) 224-5852

Sen. Gardner - (202) 224-5941

Don't Let Congress Censor the Internet

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