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RMPJC's Statement on Charlottesville

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center supports those who have been impacted by violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville, as they boldly challenged racism in their community. Last week's violence is a vivid reminder that overt displays of racism are rising in the U.S., as well as anti-Jewish sentiment and actions.

We believe that we must challenge racism in all forms. We condemn the values and actions of white nationalist groups, and we strongly believe that anti-racist work must start at home -- in ourselves, interpersonally, and in our local institutions.

We are committed to acknowledging the ways that white supremacy has been at the foundation of this country -- in the colonization and genocide of indigenous people and the enslavement of Black people -- and the ways that racism continues to wage psychological and physical violence on People of Color in our community and beyond.

We are committed to listening to the perspective and experiences of People of Color.

As an organization that holds non-violence as one of its core values, we will continue to promote non-violent resistance while challenging the false rhetoric claiming that activists of color are promoting and enacting violence.

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