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Social (Justice) Hour: Summer Potluck

When: Thursday, August 10, 6-8 pm

Where: Scott Carpenter Park, 2900 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder

While the weather is still nice out, SJC is hosting an afternoon snack potluck. Given the fire ban, we will not be using a barbeque, but encouraging small snacks like fruits, cheeses, crackers, tea, and coffee for a pre-dinner bite and afternoon conversation. Please bring one or two things to share, and feel free to post on the page what you are bringing so we do not have to worry about overlapping snacks! Social (Justice) Hour is a monthly social event to get together to meet other fellow activists and community members in a relaxed environment! Our mission is to foster a community among fellow movements, but also not forget that it's OK to relax and learn about other people organically!

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