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Dear Supporter,

We hope you've had a chance to read about the most recent developments at RMPJC -- from our win with the Boulder Valley School District, which passed a resolution to prohibit field trips to Rocky Flats, to our participation in a lawsuit against the U.S. government for failing to comply with federal environmental laws in planning to build public trails and a visitor center at the former plutonium facility, Rocky Flats.

Your donation allows Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center to host educational workshops and guest speakers, facilitate sustained community organizing for progressive policies, participate in advocacy work on a national level, plus so much more.

Your tax-deductible gift will help us catalyze a broad and inclusive, multi-generational social, economic, and environmental movement on the forefront of grassroots change in our community and beyond.

Thank you for strengthening the movement!

Betty, Chris, Carolyn, Judith, Marissa, Kathy

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

P.S. Please consider making a monthly recurring donation to RMPJC and know that you can help us make a huge impact. Whether making a monthly recurring gift of $5 or $50, you'll be a part of creating change! Visit to schedule your monthly donation and become a sustaining member.

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