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Meet RMPJC Intern: Elise Covas

Elise Covas, RMPJC intern, provided outstanding support on a variety of projects at the Peace Center during the spring semester of her senior year. Following graduation, Elise very generously volunteered to take on additional responsibilities, knowing that our beloved Betty Ball would be out of the office for an extended period of time. We are so appreciative of Elise's dedication, enthusiastic spirit, and savvy thinking. Learn more about Elise!

What inspired you to intern with Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center?

From a young age I became interested in social and environmental activism and how these issues are interrelated. This passion led me to attending CU as both an Environmental Studies and Sociology major along with a certificate in Public Health. I discovered RMPJC through my search to find a meaningful and hands-on internship. I have enjoyed learning what it is like to be part of a grassroots activist movement.

What issues are you most passionate and concerned about?

My initial interest in social justice began in environmentalism but has since expanded to the whole social justice movement. I am particularly interested in sexism, the prison industrial complex, racism and, of course, environmentalism.

What would help strengthen and improve our community?

I think increased involvement would help strengthen our community. Incorporating activism as part of the social process of Boulder would be immensely powerful in improving our community.

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