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Special Report: An existential question facing humankind is whom can be trusted to describe the world and its conflicts, especially since mainstream experts have surrendered to careerism, writes Robert Parry.

Exclusive: The anti-Trump "#Resistance" has become a movement to defend the Democratic establishment's pro-war policies, to purge anti-war Democrats, and even to embrace Donald Trump's attack on Syria, reports James W Carden.

To resist radical evil is to endure a life that by the standards of the wider society is a failure. It is to defy injustice at the cost of your career, your reputation, your financial solvency and at times your life. It is to be a lifelong heretic. And, perhaps this is the most important point, it is to accept that the dominant culture, even the liberal elites, will push you to the margins and attempt to discredit not only what you do, but your character.

At the Boston Science March this past Saturday, April 22 , I did not notice any signs proclaiming "SCIENCE FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT FOR PROFIT" or "SCIENCE FOR PEACE, NOT FOR WAR." (1) Were there any? The few scientists I have known personally believe that science is value-free, unconcerned with politics or morality. It exists as pure truth born of the scientific method. And as the Science Guy exclaimed at the march in Washington, D.C., scientists can save the world. (2)

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