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Important: Send e-mail to the commissioners: Before Moratorium Expires in Boulder County

Dear Community Defenders, Before the Moratorium on Fracking Expires on May 1, Send an Important E-mail the County Commissioners! EMAIL:

Treat the county commissioners as our allies! Since 2012 our movement and your voice have brought the county commissioners much closer to our perspective. We believe they want to do the right thing, so give them positive encouragement to stand with us in the following: 1. Extend the moratorium. In light of the recent victory of the Martinez Case, we have new legal grounds for a moratorium. Here's why: The court determined that oil and gas development has to be done "in a manner consistent with the protection of public health, safety, welfare and the environment, including wildlife" . Our current setbacks are based upon balancing the economic interests of the oil and gas industry against healthy and safety - rather than treating health and safety as a priority. 2. Use open space funds to support a lawsuit that will protect open space fromfracking (We The People have invested over $100 million in taxes in open space). Our charter says that open space is only to be used for agricultural uses, passive recreation and environmental conservation. We have the right to defend this contract in court! Show Up To County Commissioners Meeting: They will Discuss the Future of Fracking in Boulder County At this public meeting, the county commissioners will discuss approaches other than regulations. We should be at this meeting to show the commissioners that we are paying close attention. There is no public comment so please wear white to show solidarity.

Meeting Details

What: County Commissioners Public Meeting When: Tuesday, April 25th, 11am Where: Boulder County Courthouse, 1325 Pearl St Boulder, CO 80302 In gratitude,

Suzanne, Russell and Razz The Frack Free Colorado Team

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