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Palestinian Activist, George Rishmawi, April 9th

When: Sunday, April 9, 7 pm

Where: Hellums, room 252, CU Boulder


George Rishmawi is a Palestinian activist working for peace using non-violent methods. He lives in Beit Sahour in Palestine and has wide experience of the situation of Palestinians living under occupation. He has undertaken speaking tours throughout Europe and the USA and has given trainings in non-violence to groups all over Palestine. He has been involved in the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement between People (PCR) since 1991 and served as member of the Executive Committee ( 2001 - 2003. George has been recently elected to the Administration Board of the Arab Orthodox Cultural Club in Beit Sahour.

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Sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. More details coming soon at

Also.... Thursday, April 13th, George Mishrawi will be speaking at the Boulder United Nations Association on One God: Three Perspectives Abraham Path: A Step in Understanding or Only a Hiking Path?

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