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Celebrate the People's Defeat of the TPP

Celebrate the People's Defeat of the TPP

When: Sunday, March 19, 3:30-5:30 pm

Where: Boulder Library (Main Branch), Boulder Creek Room

The demise of the TPP was a huge victory for the people power of the planet. There are more corporate-power-grabbing trade deals being secretly negotiated right now (TTIP, TiSA, TAFTA; see ).

We'll celebrate our victory against the TPP, talk about what's to come next, and lay out our plans to resist the upcoming corporate deals. We'll have speakers from KGNU (Maeve Conran and Tim Russo), Food and Water Watch (Lisa Trope), Sierra Club (Ken Bonetti), RMPJC (Carolyn Bninski) and other organizations. And we'll have some food! Please come and join us!

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