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Make Your Voice Heard to Protect Organic Integrity!

Make Your Voice Heard to Protect Organic Integrity!

Comment Period Open Now Until October 26!

The public comment period has opened on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) proposed recommendations affecting organic standards, materials and policy. The fall 2016 meeting dates have been announced and public comments are due by October 26, 2016. Your comments and participation are critical to the integrity of the organic label. Make your voice heard before the comment period closes. We’ve made tremendous progress in creating an organic food production system. Let’s not let USDA turn back the clock. Beyond Pesticides has begun to analyze the numerous recommendations and are providing you with our positions that we hope you will use as the basis for your comments. We will provide positions on additional topics in the near future. Please feel free todevelop your own comments or cut and paste ours. If you cut and paste our comments into, please first put a personal note of concern in order to reflect the importance if these issues to you as an organic consumer, farmer or other concerned party.

Some of the major issues before the fall 2016 National Organic Standards Board include:

  • Chlorine Dioxide Gas

  • Carrageenan

  • Hydroponics

  • EPA List 3 - Inerts of Unknown Toxicity

Please go to Beyond Pesticides’ Keeping Organic Strongwebpage to learn more about these and other substantive issues, and to provide a unique public comment to the NOSB.

We ask that you submit comments on as many issues and materials as you can by the October 26 deadline. For help crafting your comments, view Beyond Pesticides’ commenting guide.

Thank you for helping to protect and uphold organic integrity!

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