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Remarks from Rob Prince in Denver Municipal Court. June 12, 2024

"(What follows below is the written statement I handed to the court. The spoken remarks were much shorter as was appropriate to the situation).

Your Honor, Members of the Court, Observers …

Thank you for this opportunity to say a few words to you in response to this verdict.

1. On December 3, 2023, I participated in a civil disobedience action organized by the young and growing chapter of Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace. In what was a well organized effort, 30 or 40 of us stopped traffic on Speer Blvd, I believe for approximately an hour.

We were protesting the holding of a major national conference in Denver of the Jewish National Fund, an organization that for more than a century has been involved in expropriating Palestinian lands and property, in many cases completely bulldozing homes and settlements as a part of its program of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland.

We were also there to call on the Biden Administration to call for a permanent cease-fire between the Israeli Defense Forces and different Palestinian resistance groups of which Hamas was just one, and for Israel to end its genocidal attack on Gaza, withdraw its troops, permit the reconstruction of Gaza and to call for a permanent resolution of the crisis..."


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