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Indigenous Allies Present: Ava Hamilton: Loving the Earth, An Arapahoe Perspective

When: April 15th, 1:00 pm

Where: St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 So. Bolder Rd, Boulder, 80303 or on zoom:

I love being a human,” Ava Hamilton says. “I love being alive, and I love the Earth. I want everyone to love the Earth instead of money,” she says. Over the years, Ava has worked across different communities in Boulder County — as well as throughout her vast network of connections in the Native American community — to convey the importance of indigenous knowledge. An avid historian of Arapaho culture, Ava is constantly seeking new information and knowlege about the history of her people, and how it relates to her presence in this place on Earth.

Indigenous Allies is a group of people dedicated to creating Beloved Communities by working to dismantle racism and engage in continuous efforts to tell the truth about our history as it relates to the lives of the Indigenous population. We engage in advocacy and education to raise consciousness, take action to repair the egregious acts of our history, and work to honor the dignity of the Indigenous Community.


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