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Undergraduate Intern: Lindsey Perriman

It has been wonderful to have Lindsey Perriman actively involved with RMPJC's Economic Justice Collective!

What inspired you to intern with Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center?

I was inspired to intern with RMPJC after moving back to Boulder this past year and wanting to get more involved with the community. RMPJC has such a great network of people that help me feel so in-tune to the issues within Boulder and the world. I have learned so much and and thrilled to be able to use what RMPJC has taught me to educate others.

What are you studying/learning and how does that relate to RMPJC?

As an international affairs major, I was very excited to find out that RMPJC had an economic justice collective because I have been able to work with issues that directly correlate to what I am studying at a local level. This past semester, I was working to educate the community about the Trans-Pacific Partnership which was a very educational and important experience. Additionally, I would love to continue pursuing a career with non-profits and working with RMPJC has taught me so much about both the challenges and successes in working in this sector.

What issues are you most passionate and concerned about? What would help strengthen and improve our community?

I am very passionate about getting young adults and students involved in social justice. I am thrilled to see a lot of my peers becoming increasingly active in the issues that matter to them, but I would love to see even more involvement! I think that RMPJC is great because it provides tangible opportunities and resources for folx to participate in meaningful activism. I think the phrase "think global, act local" is so important! Getting involved in local organizations and being an active citizen within your community is essential! I am so grateful for RMPJC for the opportunities I have been provided to do this and hope to see more young adults using their voices to spur change.

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