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Pictures from Round Robin Sing Along February 5, KGNU

Are current events getting you down? Singing together is a great remedy for discouragement, and a great opportunity to share music, time and energy with others. Come to a free sing along gathering at your community radio station, KGNU, on Sunday, February 5, 3-6 pm at the Boulder studio, 4700 Walnut Street. It will be round robin style, so everyone will be able to participate equally. Bring instruments, healthy snacks, any songbooks you like, and most of all, your desire to sing and share together. It's free, open to all, and brought to you by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center and KGNU. Please share this information, and let’s have a great time “singing through the hard times”!

Rocky Mountain peace and Justice Center was a co-sponsor of a very wonderful song Circle Sunday night the 5th of February. Over 50 people. enjoyed making music together and no one seemed to mind that it was wall-to-wall people. Thank you, Elena klaver, for organizing this very heartwarming event. And thanks to kgnu for providing their space 4 what we hope will be a regular Community Gathering.

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