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Undergraduate Intern: Lindsey Perriman

It has been wonderful to have Lindsey Perriman actively involved with RMPJC's Economic Justice Collective! What inspired you to intern with Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center? I was inspired to intern with RMPJC after moving back to Boulder this past year and wanting to get more involved with the community. RMPJC has such a great network of people that help me feel so in-tune to the issues within Boulder and the world. I have learned so much and and thrilled to be able to use what RMPJC has taught me to educate others. What are you studying/learning and how does that relate to RMPJC? As an international affairs major, I was very excited to find out that RMPJC had an economic justice col

Anti-War Demonstrations: July 1st + Fourth of July

When: Saturday, July 1st, 11 am - 12 pm Where: Canyon and Broadway, Boulder We'll carry signs opposing wars against Russia, Syria, North Korea, etc. Let's be visible in our opposition to war! We'll have some signs or bring you own. More info or 720-509-3378 We'll hold anti-war demonstrations most (but not all) Saturdays from now on. Watch our emails for the announcements. When: Tuesday, July 4, 7 pm Where: Outside Folsom Stadium on CU Boulder campus (meet at University Memorial Center patio at 7 pm) Please contact Carolyn if you'll be attending --

Five minutes of feedback!

Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. Have you completed the Membership Outreach Questionnaire? The responses gathered so far have been incredibly insightful and we hope to continue to receive feedback from our supporters. Also, RMPJC is looking for volunteers this summer! If you are interested in becoming a part of the team, please contact us at

Gather with the Social Justice Collective! June 30th, July 12th

Gather with the Social Justice Collective! Stay engaged this summer by joining the Social Justice Collective for a variety of events in the next few months! Email to get involved, join our Facebook group, or attend an upcoming event! Just Watch 'Malcolm X' When: Friday, June 30, 6- 8 pm Where: 2127 16th St, Boulder Social (Justice) Hour: Wine and Words When: Wednesday, July 12, 5 pm - 7 pm Where: Bohemian Biergarten

Take Action this Week!

1. Tell Your Senators and Representative: Escalating Rhetoric Against Russia Could Lead to Nuclear Catastrophe In 1963, the same year as his "I Have a Dream" speech, Dr. King pointedly said: "We have guided missiles and misguided men." Later -- speaking of "a world torn between the tensions of East and West" -- he warned that "we live each day on the verge of nuclear co-annihilation. 2. Add your name to let South Korean President President Moon know that the American public supports his efforts for a peaceful resolution to the nuclear crisis with North Korea. 3. Please contact your members of Congress Demand they speak out against Trump's war escalation in Syria and call for a Congressional

Rocky Flats Lawsuit Coverage in Huff Post

Link to Article In case you haven't heard, in May RMPJC joined with other organizations to file a lawsuit against the U.S. government for failing to comply with federal environmental laws in planning to build public trails and a visitor center at the former nuclear weapons production site, Rocky Flats. Filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, the litigation charges that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the site's current manager, has not completed a required analysis of environmental risks and policy options. For more information, please read this coverage by the Huffington Post: Rocky Flats Made Nukes. Then It Made a Mess. Now It's About to Become a Public Park.

Tell Congress: Speak Out Against Trump's War Escalation in Syria

From Peace Action: Since April, President Trump has unilaterally escalated U.S. military actions directly against the Syrian government and its allies. In early April, the president unilaterally ordered the launch of 57 cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield in response a chemical weapon attack allegedly perpetrated by the Syrian military. The attack came with no apparent plan for what comes next and with no legal authorization from Congress. In mid-May and early June, U.S. fighter jets launched several attacks against pro-Syrian forces near Syria's southern border. With these strikes the U.S. crossed a dangerous threshold, raising the prospect of a sustained military conflict with

Applied Leadership Project Intern:  Brittany Gutermuth

We've been fortunate to have Brittany join our team as Applied Leadership Project Intern via Naropa University, where she was completing her Master's degree in Environmental Leadership. While interning with RMPJC, Brittany took the initiative to launch our new Social Justice Collective and has been instrumental in engaging a younger demographic of activists and interested community members. We sat down with Brittany to learn more about her prior to her graduation from Naropa. Congrats to Brittany on the completion of her Master's degree! What inspired you to intern with Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center? I first learned of RMPJC from the picnic last summer. My interest was spiked thro

Call to Action! Hickenlooper: Keep Our Commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement

Please sign onto the petition today! As you know, the Trump Administration has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. In response, 12 Governors and over 274 Mayors are pledging to keep their commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement's emission reductions. has launched a petition urging Gov. Hickenlooper to sign onto the U.S. Climate Alliance and commit to bold climate action now! So far we have garnered over 1,000 signatures online and on paper petitions.

Tell Trump What You Want in a Renegotiated NAFTA!

Click here to let Trump know what you want from the NAFTA reset. Concerned citizens from across the country submitted thousands of comments on NAFTA renegotiation - so many, in fact, that the government website receiving comments crashed! The government website ticker stopped tracking after about 12,000. Public Citizen supporters alone submitted more than 11,000 comments. And allied organizations and unions counted more than 40,000 additional comments. The USTR's comment period is now closed, but let's keep this momentum going.

Legal Observer Training, June 29th

When: Thursday, June 29, 5:30-7:30 pm Where: 1420 Ogden St, Denver More info. Get trained by Whitney Leeds, of the Meyer Law office, and the National Lawyers Guild to become an officially certified Legal Observer. Then turn your new found skills into fierce community action by joining the Colorado Rapid Response Network.

Meet RMPJC Intern: Elise Covas

Elise Covas, RMPJC intern, provided outstanding support on a variety of projects at the Peace Center during the spring semester of her senior year. Following graduation, Elise very generously volunteered to take on additional responsibilities, knowing that our beloved Betty Ball would be out of the office for an extended period of time. We are so appreciative of Elise's dedication, enthusiastic spirit, and savvy thinking. Learn more about Elise! What inspired you to intern with Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center? From a young age I became interested in social and environmental activism and how these issues are interrelated. This passion led me to attending CU as both an Environmental St

RMPJC Staff Attend Alliance for Nuclear Accountability Lobby Days in DC

An excerpt from Colorado Daily's Peace Train, by Judith Mohling of RMPJC: Wise citizen activists from 20 states recently participated in the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability lobby days. Two of us from Boulder were part of the group of about 75 activists from nuclear weapon sites across the U.S. A generous Boulder donor enabled more than 12 young activists to attend because they were awarded scholarships. We were from communities near nuclear weapons research, production and waste sites, such as: Hanford, in Washington state where there had recently been a tunnel cave-in that had 4000 workers scrambling for safety, Lawrence Livermore labs, in California, Colorado's own Rocky Flats, Los Ala

Are We Living Racial Justice? Friday June 9th

A Discourse with Debby Irvine and Reverend Dr. Dawn Riley Duvall When: Friday, June 9, 7-9 pm Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave. 1st Portion of Event: Debby Irving, author of the award-winning book, Waking Up White, and Finding Myself in the Story of Race, will use historical and media images to tell the story of how she unlearned her white-skewed belief system. This workshop is designed to support white people in making the paradigm shift from 'fixing' and 'helping' those believed to be "needy," to focusing on internalized sense of white superiority and its role in perpetuating racism at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels

Anti-War Demonstrations, Saturday June 10th

When: Saturday, June 10, 11 am - 12 pm Where: Canyon and Broadway, Boulder We'll carry signs opposing wars against Russia, Syria, North Korea, etc. Let's be visible in our opposition to war! We'll have some signs or bring you own. More info or 720-509-3378 We'll hold anti-war demonstrations most (but not all) Saturdays from now on. Watch our emails for the announcements.

RMPJC Collectives

NEW! Critical Media Literacy Collective We will use The Global Critical Media Literacy Project Educators Resource Guide to guide us in discerning truth from propaganda and how to spread this information to others in our community. If you are interested, please contact or 720-509-3378. Nuclear Nexus Tuesdays, 12-2 pm Organizes to keep people safe from nuclear waste at Rocky Flats Near Lucky's Market in North Boulder Call Judith at 303-815-6515 for exact location. Global Peace Collective 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month Works against U.S. empire and for a just foreign policy Call Carolyn at 720-509-3378 or email her at Economic Justice Collective Wedne

Demand a NAFTA Replacement that Benefits Working People

Submit a comment to the US Trade Representative. Also, please call Rep. Polis with the same message. Contact Rep. Polis at (303) 484-9596 or send an email. Below are what we want in a fair trade deal that works for the 99%. NAFTA must be reset to function as a 'fair' trade agreement, distinct from the "free" trade model that shield corporations from competition and the risks of international investment at the expense of people and the environment. International markets can alternatively function to improve the quality of life of all people, communities and nations. Fair trade is negotiated and administered transparently and inclusively, with participation by civil society including, civic,

Immigration 101 for Allies

When: Monday, June 19, 7-9 pm Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder, 5001 Pennsylvania Ave. More Info