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Citizens for Pesticide Reform

Citizens for Pesticide Reform

Who We Are

Citizens for Pesticide Reform (CPR) is a local citizens’ group based in Boulder, Colorado. CPR is a Collective of the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center.  There are no meetings currently scheduled for the group.  Please contact Betty Ball at for more information, or call the office at 303-444-6981.

CPR’s mission is to decrease the risks that pesticides pose to our community’s health and

environment by working to reduce pesticide use in the city of Boulder and Boulder County.


CPR’s goals are

  • To educate residents, landscape professionals, other businesses and organizations, and city and county officials about the threats that pesticides pose to human and environmental health.

  • To promote alternative practices and products that can prevent (and if necessary treat) both indoor and outdoor pest problems.

  • To back local legislation and regulatory changes that support our mission.

  • To encourage the implementation of the precautionary principle in local settings.

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