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Joanna Macy Center Presents: Global Elm Dance for the Work That Reconnects

The Elm Dance, a practice for global healing and connection, invites us into the center of our hearts, our compassion, our longing to live, and our belonging to all life on Earth. It also supports us in standing in solidarity with those who are suffering.

Joanna Macy was first introduced to the Elm Dance and began offering it in the early 1990s, as part of her workshops, in communities that were impacted by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Many facilitators offer the Elm Dance as part of their work to invite participants into their feelings of gratitude and grief. Typically danced in a group setting, it will be offered here as a global, virtual experience. You’re welcome to gather a group and attend this virtual offering together to dance along with people around the world at the same time, as we collectively focus our energies on peace and wellness for all beings. For questions about these events and the Week of the Elm Dance please email When: Saturday, March 19 at 6pm MT & Sunday March 20 at 11am MT Where: Online - Register Here! Thank you to our friends at the Naropa Joanna Macy Center for submitting this statement regarding the Ukraine conflict: Dear friends of RMPJC and Nuclear Guardians, The Beloved Dr. Jonna Macy is set to release the second edition of her book Active Hope in June 2022. According to the wisdom that Dr. Macy offers, the events in the Ukraine are a symptom of the Great Unraveling taking shape across our globe. In the new edition of her book, co-authored by Chris Johnstone and Dr. Macy, have changed the name from Active Hope - How to Face the Mess We Are In Without Going Crazy, to Active Hope - How to Face the Mess We are in with Unexpected Resilience and Creative Power. Clearly the feeling of urgency to take action in the world highlights the unlimited possibilities and hope that is required by us all to further engage in the work of our times. Hope in this use is a verb, not a noun. The preface of the new book is "dedicated to the flourishing of life on this rare and precious Earth and to the role each of us can play in responding to our planetary emergency." Naropa President, Chuck Lief shares, "I have seen a number of posts lately in which the authors felt called to measure the depth of suffering around the world, and to criticize those illuminating the war in Ukraine who failed to also note human rights violations, racism, and genocide elsewhere in the world. In part, we are subject to the inputs offered by the media - and Ukraine is front and center. However, I think more deeply, as human beings, we each reach a certain capacity of how much weight of aggression and pain experienced by sentient beings we can bear. We engage in mindfulness and compassion practices, in part, to expand our ability to serve others, to care for those in need, and to bear witness to oppression and advocate for justice."


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