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Contact Legislators About Build Back Better!

The Build Back Better agenda is supposed to be a game-changer to transition the country to renewable energy and off of fossil fuels by 2035. Yet the Build Back Better Act includes the Zero-Emissions Nuclear Production Credit (Nuclear PTC), upwards of $35 billion over 8 years in subsidies for aging, uneconomical nuclear power plants. Join us with our allies at the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, and call on Colorado's Congressional Progressive Caucus members, Diana Degette and Joe Neguse, to remove these bailouts from the Build Back Better Act. Contact Rep. Joe Neguse:

  • Boulder office: 303-335-1045

  • Fort Collins office: 970-372-3971

  • Washington, D.C. office: 202-225-2161

  • Send an email at this link

Contact Rep. Diana Degette:

  • Denver office: 303-844-4988

  • Washington, D.C. office: 202-225-4431

  • Send an email at this link


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