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Action Against White Supremacy, August 19th

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN REWORKED IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN CHARLOTTESVILLE SOLIDARITY ACTIONS AROUND THE COUNTRY ON AUGUST 19 Community members are welcome to attend either or both events. If you are attending the rally, please wear comfortable shoes and bring water. 10:30 am - 12 pm at Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder Overview of ways to take action against white supremacy: - "Calling in" on and local Facebook groups - Safety Pin Box workshop series via BSURJ - Inclusivity signage process and the City of Boulder - Research on local monuments & buildings as part of #TakeItDowncampaign - Other ideas from the community * $5 suggested donation but no one will be turned away. Rally Prep - Sign-making - Brief marshal training - Overview of what to expect, how to engage at the rally 1 pm Former Google office on Canyon at 2590 Pearl Street, Boulder Earlier this week, white supremacist alt-right members announced planned protests at Google offices in cities throughout the U.S. Boulder, Colorado was listed. These protests were in response to the company’s efforts to increase diversity. BSURJ felt compelled to challenge the normalization of overt and violent white supremacy as seen in Charlottesville. The white supremacist alt-right has cancelled their protests at Google offices. While BSURJ does believe it’s critical to show up against Nazis, the KKK, and other overt white supremacists, it is equally important to confront how racism shows up in more subtle forms -- both in ourselves and in the institutions that are part of our communities. The City of Boulder, like Google and other tech companies, has a profound inclusivity problem. While Black folks are 12.6% of the US population, Boulder has less than 1% representation. Latinx folks are 16.3% of US population and 8.7% in Boulder. These circumstances allow for more covert racism to go unchecked in Boulder. Based on the Inclusivity and Perceptions Assessment, implemented by the City of Boulder, People of Color are experiencing a hostile and racially biased environment. We’re calling on white people of Boulder to commit to actions in order to create a cultural shift that calls out and names racial bias. We’re asking white folks to join us in more intensive allyship training. We are demanding that our city officials take racial and cultural inclusivity seriously in order to create a city that is accessible and safe for People of Color. Our demands to the city include: Provide anti-oppression training for all institutions hiring within the City of Boulder Commit to diverse representation in positions of power Increase affordable housing Create a citizen’s oversight board for the Boulder Police Department that is truly independent of the department’s influence Address racial bias in schools BSURJ’s rally is focused on the ways that white people can challenge the covert racism in our communities that, when left unchecked, creates a space where more radical actions led by white supremacist groups like the KKK and Nazis to grow. We are committed to cultivating a community that is actively anti-racist. **This is a non-violent, zero-escalation event. Anarchist behavior is not welcome at this event.** Childcare will NOT be provided. Children are welcome to be in the meeting space at UUCB (10:30-12). Please use your own discretion when bringing children to the rally. Please bring signs if you'd like. We'll have some materials available as well. Sign suggestions: White Silence is Violence I'm Checking My Privilege Change Starts at Home Let's Talk About Justice Reparations Now Black Lives Matter Fight White Supremacy Boulder Bubble = Racism Black Lives > White Feelings We Are Standing on Stolen Land End White Supremacy White Families for Anti-Racism We Want an Inclusive Community (Note: We encourage people to be thoughtful about the usage of popular hashtags, such as ThisIsNotUs, in an effort to name rather than erase this country's history of colonization and enslavement.) If you'd like to be in touch with us about accommodations for a disability, please email Suzy at Note: SURJ is an organization focused on moving more white folks into action for racial justice, but this meeting will be a multi-racial space. Press releases with contacts will be distributed to local media. Please email BoulderSURJ at Gmail dot com with questions.

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