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Experts Warn of the Dangers of Nuclear War with Russia

Are We in Danger Of A Nuclear War?

In the past couple of years there has been escalation of tension and military exercises by US/NATO and Russia.

The military build up has escalated this week. Experts, including Prof. Stephen Cohen and Noam Chomsky are very alarmed about the dangers of nuclear war created by recent developments.

In an artilce published on 6/13/16 on, Noam Chomsky writes (

"Both sides are practicing rapid mobilization and redeployment of forces to the Russia-NATO border and both believe a war is no longer unthinkable. If that is so, both sides are beyond insanity, since a war might well destroy everything. It has been recognized for decades that a first strike by a major power might destroy the attacker, even without retaliation, simply from the effects of nuclear winter."

Mainstream media's reporting on this is consistently anti-Russian, and people are not aware of the US role in the escalation of tensions. I've listed some very recent articles and videos on this issue below.

American Committee for East-West Accord:

Stepehn Cohen video:

Richard Sakwa video:

Article by Noam Chomsky:

Testimony by former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jack Matlock:


Please send this information on to your contacts and post on your social media.

Please contact Carolyn Bninski at 720-509-3378 or to work with the RockyMountain Peace and Justice Center on this issue.

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